UTIC (UAD TEFL International Conference Technology, Literacy, and Innovations in ELT: Issues and Concerns. To realize the mission, English Education Department of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta, Indonesia needs to take Part in holding the conference by inviting the presenters and participants coming from many countries in the world. UTIC is a once-in-two-year conference used as a medium to take and give the current issues in English language teaching and to get the possible solution. The success of The 1st UAD TEFL Conference (National Scope in 2009), The 2nd UTIC 2012 (ASEAN Scope coverage and The 3rd UTIC 2014 intended to have the presenters and participants share their ideas, cultures, and experiences among Asia and beyond. The 4th UTIC 2017 is also intended to facilitate the presenters and participants discuss their ideas from different perspectives of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.